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How To Give Her Wild Screaming Orgasms

Do you find it hard to create a sexual vibe with women and rock their worlds in the bedroom? If so, this is something you NEED to hear. It features me talking to one of my gorgeous female friends and sexually guiding her to a massive orgasm. Afterwards I break down exactly what I did so you can do it too and give you explicit pointers on how to give the women in your life the best sex of their lives.

How I Learned To Stop Sucking With Women

I haven't always been where I'm at right now. In fact, I come from a place of real loneliness, misery, and pain. I was socially awkward and an outcast as a kid and teenager, and I didn't just have issues talking to women but people in general. I didn't have friends, nobody respected me, and I hated every second of my life. Watch this video to find out exactly where I came from and realise that if I overcame all this then you can rise above your problems too.

Client Testimonials

"Now I Sleep With The Girls I Want"

"I'm Getting Way More Matches"

"I'm Seducing Women Effortlessly"

"I'm Getting Girls By Being Myself"

Ciaran’s advice has transformed my game.

Because of him I’m building a social circle of cool guys and hot women and have more sex now than I’ve ever had before.

I can’t recommend him and his teachings enough.

 - Brandon E.

Thanks to Ciaran I'm not only meeting and sleeping with more women than ever before, but they're also of a much higher quality too.

It's not just about women though, it's holistic. I'm a stronger, happier, and more confident man from the inside out.

 - Alejandro P.

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  • "I've slept with 3 women in 3 weeks."
  • "Working with Ciaran has made my journey with women be enjoyable and not an endless frustration."
  • "I pulled an Irish girl from the pub last night & I wouldn't have done it without you."